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Process Equipments

  INFOUR Inc supplies the following advanced technology, efficient and cost-effective process equipments from recognized worldwide manufacturers. All process equipment are provided with sufficient instrumentation and control devices necessary to ensure safe and continues operation.
·        Air Coolers
·        Boilers
·        Coalescing Gas Filters
·        Cooling Towers
·        Crude Oil Dehydration and Desalting
·        Direct and Indirect Fired Heaters
·        Flare system and Flare stacks
·        Gas Dehydrators
·        Gas Filtration and Separation
·        Gas Scrubbers
·        Heat Exchangers
·        Heaters
·        Liquid-Liquid Separators/Coalescers
·        Oil/Gas Manifolds
·        Oil/Water Skimmers
·        Oil/Water/Gas Separators
·        Pig Launcher and Receiver
·        Pressure Tanks
·        Pressure Vessels
·        Sweetening Units
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